What is Greenbottle?

GreenBottle is a major packaging innovation with the potential to replace plastic bottles, glass bottles, and laminated carton systems in the £multi-billion global liquid packaging market. Importantly, research and in-market experience confirm it is a business-building idea with strong consumer preference over conventional plastic bottles.

Design and supply

Design and Supply

There are two key manufacturing operations: production of the outer shell, and vacuum forming of the inner liner and assembly of the finished bottle. GreenBottle will work with customers to design and prototype the bottle and develop the product from concept to launch.


Environment Greenbottle

Packaging waste is a huge and growing problem for modern society, with efficient 'green' disposal of plastic waste a particular issue. Every day the UK throws away an estimated 15 million plastic bottles, many of which are still destined for landfill.

Consumer Response

Consumer response GreenbottleResearch and in-market testing has consistently shown that consumers 'get' GreenBottle, find it easy to use and, given the choice, prefer GreenBottle over equivalent plastic bottles. GreenBottle has consistently been preferred by consumers to conventional plastic bottles in research in the milk, detergent and juice categories.

Our Bottles


GreenBottles can be moulded to almost any shape and so have the potential for use in most liquid product markets - milk/juice/drinks; liquid detergents/fabric softeners; soups and sauces; wines; even motor lubricants.

Latest Press

Merum (Germany)

28th September 2012

Weinflasche aus Papier 'Wine bottle of paper'

Business Green

27th September 2012

Paper juice bottle promises to squeeze out unsustainable packaging

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Every day the UK throws away around 15 million plastic bottles. While recycling rates are increasing they are still a long way away from 100%, and if plastic is not recycled it will soon find its way to landfill.

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Recycling Greenbottles involves 3 easy steps