What is GreenBottle?

Packaging waste is a huge and growing problem for modern society, with efficient 'green' disposal of plastic waste a particular issue.

Every day the UK throws away an estimated 15 million plastic bottles. While recycling rates are increasing they are still a long way away from 100%, and if plastic is not recycled it will soon find its way to landfill. Once there, because plastic does not biodegrade, it will persist for hundreds of years. Disposal of laminated cartons, the other predominant form of packaging for liquid consumer products, faces similar problems.

GreenBottle is a new type of liquid packaging designed as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles and laminated cartons. The bottle is made from a paper outer shell with a thin plastic liner inside to hold the liquid. After use, the bottle is easily separable, so that the paper outer can be composted or recycled, and the inner liner recycled where facilities exist. The bottle performs the same in distribution, in the store, and in the home as a regular plastic bottle, but with the advantage of being much better for the environment as it uses much less plastic.

Greenbottle has a much lower carbon footprint than a regular plastic bottle, and has a third of the plastic of a comparable plastic bottle.