Consumer Response

Research and in-market testing has consistently shown that consumers 'get' GreenBottle, find it easy to use and, given the choice, prefer GreenBottle over equivalent plastic bottles.

GreenBottle has consistently been preferred by consumers to conventional plastic bottles in research in the milk, detergent and juice categories. In a test market in Asda stores, sales of local milk increased significantly, selling at a rate of three bottles to one when sold in GreenBottle versus plastic.

In the milk category, research indicated a positive intention to try of over 90%
consumer milk survey

And after use, GreenBottle repurchase intent was at 82%
consumer milk post survey

We have seen a similarly positive response in other product categories for example, from a focus group conducted by a major multinational, we received the following feedback:

Before testing the bottle expectations were similar across consumers, they predicted the bottle would fall apart, ending up damp and soggy. A number of more environmentally minded consumers were more positive than the majority feeling that the bottle would perform well.

For most the reality of using the bottle was positive, the bottles didn't crumple, crease or go soft. It withstood heavy family usage and held its shape and rigidity. These factors combined meant that consumers felt that the bottle had upturned their expectations and they were surprised and impressed.

"It's brilliant, I love it!"

"I did say I wouldn't buy it but I would buy that now."